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ChemiDoc-It®2 Imager
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    The ChemiDoc-It2 Imaging System

The ChemiDoc-It2 Imaging System provides a dynamic instrument for capturing picture-perfect chemiluminescent blot and fluorescent gel images. Select from several cameras that utilize cooling in the detection of chemiluminescence Western blot and other imaging samples requiring high sensitivity and camera cooling..

Capture vivid gel & blot images with easy to use integrated touch screen and software.


    · Chemiluminescence

      · Western, Northern, Southern Blots

        · Fluorescent Gels

          · Colorimetric Gels

          System Names


          ChemiDoc-It2 510
          BioChemi 510
          ChemiDoc-It2 610
          OptiChemi 610
          ChemiDoc-It2 810
          MegaCam 810

          Applications for this system include chemiluminescent blots, Northern blots, Southern blots, chemiluminescent Western blots, fluorescent westerns, protein blots, dot blots, protein gels, bioluminescence, DNA gels, blue light gels, TLC gels, colony plates, 2D gels, multiplex, colorimetric, visible light gels, autoraphiographs, microplates, microarrays.

              Main Features

            Choice of cooled CCD cameras for high sensitivity gel and blot image capture

              • Cameras include Biochemi 510 Camera, offering resolution of 2.1MP extendable to 7.4MP, OptiChemi 610 with 3.2MP resolution extendable to 9.6MP and MegCam 810 Camera with 8.1 MP resolution
            • Zoom lens: motorized or manual
            • Light tight darkroom creates the optimum conditions for chemiluminescence blots
            • Darkroom features overhead white light, large access door and unique gel viewing window
            • Chemi tray for placement of blots on the non-reflective black surface
            • Filter tray features four positions for adding additional filters as needed; EtBr filter included
            • Slide out tray holds UV transilluminator
            • Select from several benchtop, patented and awarding winning transilluminator models (configured with system or optional)
            • VisionWorksLS Acquisition and Analysis Software
            • Modular design
              • Add the BioLite™ MultiSpectral Light Source which utilizes high intensity lighting in conjunction with fiber optic guides to a supply powerful, directed illumination of fluorescent stained samples inside the ChemiDoc-It2. A wide range of excitation and emission filters enable a wide spectral range of wavelengths. < Read More >
              • Add additional emission filters, epi UV lights, white light plate or UV converter plates to maximize gel fluorescence capabilities
              • Optional white light LED plate plugs into the darkroom for uniform white light illumination; convenient storage pocket on the darkroom
            • The transilluminator is placed on the sliding tray for easy access for placement of samples
            • Select from several models with single UV or multiple UV wavelengths and filter sizes up to 25 x 26 cm
            • To fluoresce samples in the 460-470mm range, place the optional Visi-Blue Plate over the transilluminator surface
            • To visualize Coomassie blue and silver stained samples, place the optional UV to White Light Converter Plate on top of the transilluminator or use the LED white light plate which plugs into the darkroom
            Epi Illumination
            • White light epi illumination built in
            • Add UV modules for overhead UV illumination; modules are positioned on two sides of the darkroom
            Chemiluminescent Imaging VisionWorksLS Image Acquisition and Analysis Software

            This sophisticated package provides comprehensive tools for image capture and analysis of gels, plates and membranes as well as colony counting. Capabilities include:

            • Image acquisition functions for simple image capture and expanded integration options
            • Apply numerous image enhancements to images
            • Comprehensive tools for advanced 1D lane densitometry and analysis including area density, molecular weights and colony counting
            • Support for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
            • Templates enable user-defined settings for repeat experiments; make the settings and save them so users can go back to the same settings
            • One-touch automated macros
            • Define user profiles and preferences
            • Generate extensive reports and export data
            • Multiple user network license available
            • More...
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